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At Forest River, Inc., your needs, interests, budget, and lifestyle are at the forefront of everything we do. This affects every step from design, to the manufacturing floor, and on to you, our Customer. Whatever your need—recreation, transportation, or cargo hauling—we strive to bring quality products within reach of everyone.

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Forest River Pop-up Camper for Sale

Camping can be an experience of a lifetime. At Berryland Campers, we make sure you find the best camper for your camping needs. We offer a wide selection of campers, making it easy to find what you want and need. If you are looking for something small, compact, and hassle-free, check out our line of Forest River pop-up trailers. Our pop-up trailers are perfect for those who want to travel lightweight while keeping the comforts of home. 

The joys of compatibility!

Forest River pop-up trailers are collapsable and easily portable, making long-distance driving effortless. Because they fold into just a small package, towing has never been easier. If the thought of towing a camper makes you uncomfortable, then a pop-up trailer is what you need. Drive-thrus, parking, and small highways just got easier with the pop-up trailer. Being compact also means money saving! Extended camping trips can become rather expensive when it comes to choosing where you will sleep at night. Investing in one of our pop-up campers keeps you from overspending on hotels and cabins. The Forest River pop-up trailers are less expensive than the much larger RVs at Berryland Campers, making these little gems perfect for those just starting with the camping lifestyle.

What's inside?

Forest River pop-up trailers come with a large mattress, bathroom, and a dining area. So you have all the camping necessities. Camping in larger motorhomes can sometimes keep you from reconnecting with nature since you can access a full kitchen, entertainment center, and large living area. With the pop-up camper, you have the bare necessities. A comfortable place to sleep and a working bathroom are all you need to enjoy the great outdoors. Forest River pop-up trailers allow you to truly reconnect with nature while giving the small comforts from home. 

Why not just get a tent?

Tents can sometimes be uncomfortable due to sleeping on the ground, and weather conditions can make your tent life a nightmare if you are an inexperienced camper. Forest River pop-ups allow you to experience the tent life while keeping you off the ground. No more packing extra pack blankets, blow-up mattresses, or pillows for the sake of comfort. Even better, Forest River pop-up trailers come with a heating and cooling mechanism so you can camp year-round and sleep with ease. Rain or shine, our pop-ups will keep you nice and cozy. 

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