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At Forest River, Inc., your needs, interests, budget, and lifestyle are at the forefront of everything we do. This affects every step from design, to the manufacturing floor, and on to you, our Customer. Whatever your need—recreation, transportation, or cargo hauling—we strive to bring quality products within reach of everyone.

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Forest River Class B Motorhomes for Sale

Forest River has been a manufacturer of recreational vehicles, cargo trailers, pontoon boats, shuttle busses, and commercial trucks for decades. Forest River Class B Motorhomes capitalize on those looking for a more minimalist, sleek RVing experience without feeling like living in the back of a cargo van. What will make a Forest River Class B Motorhome ideal for you will all depend on your traveling needs: 

The Advantages of a Forest River Class B Motorhome

Although smaller in floor space than a Class C or Class A Gas Motorhomes recreational vehicle, you’ll be able to take advantage of better gas mileage. Forest River Class B Motorhomes for sale today capitalize on sleek designs that cut through the wind while still offering utilitarian sleeping options, sinks, stoves, microwaves, and even bathrooms. 

The overall cost of Class B motorhome ownership trends lower because their size also takes less space in order to service properly. This means that you’ll be able to find more garages, mechanics, and RV parks that will fix your issues or host your motorhome for less money than a bulkier class C or A. 

Possible Drawbacks of a Forest River Class B Motorhome

Forest River has done its best year after year to listen to past customers to make each iteration and floorplan of their Class B RVs superior to the last. However, with a smaller space comes smaller storage, and you will need to plan ahead more depending on how many people you plan to travel with you in the motorhome. Also, having a smaller RV means that you’ll tend to have a smaller freshwater and gray water tank; boondocking jaunts might need to be cut short if water is used up too quickly. 

Forest River Class B Motorhomes for sale at Berryland Campers have a vast array of floorplans, comfortable driving seats, and storage options. If you’re seeking a more compact RV experience, then reach out to Berryland’s staff of experienced RV enthusiasts to schedule a walkthrough today!