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New Pop-Up Campers for Sale

Looking for a camping adventure without the hassle of driving or towing a large motorhome? Berryland Campers offer customers pop-up campers for those who want lightweight traveling and the comforts of home. A pop-up camper is collapsable and easily portable. Like the 5th wheel campers, pop-up campers often come with a large mattress, a bathroom, and a dining area. With their ability to fold into a small package and their lightweight, towing this maneuverable camper has never been easier. 

While camping is a great way to reconnect with nature and reduce stress, it can sometimes be difficult, especially if it is a new hobby. Investing in a pop-up camper allows you to enjoy nature while still enjoying some indoor comforts, such as a working shower and toilet. The minimal space in a pop-up camper also encourages you to spend more time in the great outdoors. There won't be any entertainment centers in these campers to keep you inside, so you know that you can truly escape while keeping the bare necessities. 

Also, camping in a tent can sometimes be quite uncomfortable due to sleeping on the ground. A pop-up camper allows you to have the tent experience but with a comfortable bed off the hard ground. No more adjusting to sleeping in a sleeping bag or packing extra blankets or air mattresses, your pop-up camper will keep you comfortable all night. Our new pop-up campers also come with a heating and cooling mechanism so you can camp at any time of the year in comfort. When not in use, take comfort in knowing how easy it will be to store your trailer on your property.

Wanting to take extended camping trips can become expensive when you think about where you will have to stay. Investing in a pop-up camper will be significantly less expensive than the much larger RVs, such as the Class A or B motorhome. Berryland Campers offer customers a wide variety of pop-up campers, so you are sure to find what you need to start your next camping trip. Don't wait to start your adventure! Call us today to see all our available pop-up campers and check out our used pop-up campers for sale