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Highland Ridge RV aims to create a comfortable, high-quality living space that can keep up with your adventures. From start to finish, our RVs are designed to give you more for less—more space, more amenities, and more freedom with less weight and less hassle.

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2024 MODEL ON SALE new 2024 Open Range 26BHS
Stock #: N5L3066
Status: Available
Length: 30ft 8in
Our Price$26,990
ALL 2023 ON SALE new 2023 Open Range 330BHS
Stock #: N3A13078
Status: Available
Our Price$49,990

Highland Ridge RV for Sale

Highland Ridge RVs are dedicated to the concept, construction, and delivery of every recreational vehicle to the owner with the utmost respect and care so that long-term customers or first-time buyers can savor the great outdoors and make camping memories for a lifetime. The company manufactures both fifth wheels and travel trailers that are towable with sales networks across the United States and Canada. The best in value and quality, Highland Ridge spares no effort to create products based around robust contact and feedback with those that use their RVs on a regular basis. Their service department measures itself based on what retail customers and dealers provide as helpful critique around each innovation, what was done right and what can be improved. 

The parent company Jayco bought Highland Ridge RV, which was operating as a branch under Open Range Recreational vehicles in 2014. Highland Ridge is proud to operate its own manufacturing facilities, warranty management, and trailer service facilities. The business also trains and educates its own sales staff, management structure, and leadership groups. 

Highland Ridge travel trailers are all created with enthusiasm for innovation in the recreational vehicle world. The company strives to craft better and better products over time with the utilization of futuristic technologies and cutting-edge construction materials. They do this all with the bottom line in mind for the purchaser; it has been a tradition to target a favorable consumer price. 

Highland Ridge recreational vehicles specialize in providing more space for living life while also weighing less. Over the last five years, the company has developed progressively lighter-tow trailers with this exact goal in mind. Berryland Campers’ selection of Highland Ridge travel trailers for sale demand less torque due to their lightness and offer the modern comforts of a self-driving motorhome. The innovations that Highland ridge bakes into every travel trailer aren’t limited to the inside; features such as outdoor patios and storage options show the company’s pioneering spirit. Today, Highland Ridge RVs and travel trailers are a flagship of 21st-century design and innovation that is perfect for those who are looking to own the outdoors with modern comfort and style!

Find the Right Highland Ridge RV for You!

Trying to decide between a Highland Ridge travel trailer and a fifth wheel? We know that shopping around can be a bit overwhelming for first-time purchasers trying to decide between all of the exciting amenities. However, your greatest benefits will depend on how you intend on using your travel trailer. There’s something that each style of trailer offers; here’s some of each to help decide which option is best for you:

Fifth Wheel

Highland Ridge fifth wheels are welcomed by those who are seeking extra space for generally extended periods on the road. There are many different arrangements for sleeping as well as kitchen layouts to allow families on the road to relax rather than stress out. 

Fifth wheels have more headspace inside because they are generally taller than your average travel trailer. Living space for travelers can be extended with the help of wider slides that wing out to make more room. If you are traveling and living with more than two people, you might want to start your search with a Highland Ridge fifth wheel. 

The unique design of the way a fifth wheel is able to be hitched to a truck, it’s far simpler to haul when compared to a similarly sized travel trailer. Thanks to the hitch point, many suggest that it’s also a safer option as the location reduces swaying from the road and the wind while also providing a better turning radius. 

With increased living space and full-sized appliances, fifth wheels are basically towable apartments, and that allows them to be quite popular with those who are interested in living in their RV full-time. 

Travel Trailer

Highland Ridge travel trailers for sale offer the perfect getaway RV for those looking for a quick jaunt down the highway or a weekend camping. Smaller numbers of travelers are served easily with the modern amenities of a travel trailer, and there are more options available for towing. While a fifth wheel requires a dedicated truck, a standard travel trailer hitch can be used by any SUV, small pickup, van, or even sedan that has the towing capabilities to haul it. Generally, it will depend on the size of the RV and its weight. 

The towing profile of a Highland Ridge travel trailer will be lower than a fifth wheel, so you will be able to get better gas mileage due to the lack of air drag. Typically, travel trailers also cost less than their equivalent size in a fifth wheel. However, you might get blown around by the wind a bit more, and you won’t have as sharp of a turning radius to take advantage of during tighter areas.

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