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New Super C Motorhomes

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Super C Motorhomes for Sale

Looking to go on an adventure, but don't want the hassle of an oversized Class A motorhome? Berryland Campers offers Class Super C motorhomes, which run on diesel. Because they are built on a truck chassis, the Class Super C motorhomes are easier to drive than the larger Class A RVs. These Class Super C motorhomes are more powerful than the Class B motorhomes and have all the amenities from the Class A models. With power and all the luxuries needed, your adventures just became less of a hassle and more fun than ever before. 

Camping is made easy with this high-powered diesel motorhome. Traveling for long journeys can sometimes cause a lot of stress. From long pit stops to bored children, an extended family vacation can go from exciting to tiring quick. With our new and used Class Super C motorhomes, you can avoid those long pit stops and get to your destination faster than ever before. No more bored family members with our entertainment center and the space to stretch out and relax. The Class Super C motorhomes found at Berryland Campers offers customers the following amenities: 

  • a full kitchen
  • a dining area 
  • a full bathroom 
  • several sleeping areas 
  • storage compartments

By having all these excellent amenities, you won't have to wait for a snack or to use the restroom. No more forced restroom breaks for the kids in sometimes unpleasant rest areas. Now, everyone can be comfortable and happy. 

Start your adventures the right way— stress-free. Don't put your travels on hold anymore. Call Berryland Campers today to discuss our Class Super C motorhome options. 

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