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Recently purchased by Forest River, Dynamax has been a leader in high-end, automotive-style class C motorhomes since 1997. In addition to the class C motorhomes, Dynamax has recently introduced the new Trilogy luxury fifth wheel. Using the same advanced technology the Trilogy offers Dynamax's trademark radius curved sidewalls. We are at Berryland are proud to offer the new Dynamax Trilogy.

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Dynamax Super C Motorhomes for Sale

Dynamix RVs take their inspiration from the concept of being different by design. The company marries a legacy of customer loyalty with well-known product integrity to synthesize a powerful brand in the recreational vehicle world. In this decade, a new generation of RV enthusiasts is beginning to investigate the ownership of a Dynamax motorhome of their own. They are drawn to Dynamax RVs because of the company’s ability to operate in both worlds of practicality and luxury. Owners rave about the essential living interiors along with the modern decor choices that allow anyone to make the most out of their budget. 

Berryland Campers works diligently to provide the most enjoyable ownership possible across all models of recreational vehicles, and Dynamax allows us to offer that to those looking to hit the road in true style. The Dynamax Super C motorhomes for sale prove that when you combine superior standards of quality, safety, and reliability and mix them with legendary customer service and cutting-edge warranties, the resulting combination results in an ideal RV owning experience. Dynamax motorhomes are serviced with dedicated on-site departments with specialists that are able to give impeccable service along with cultivating multiple relationships with partners across the industry. That’s why a Dynamax RV warranty and customer service support is not just an option; it’s a tradition of legendary satisfaction that the discerning RV owner utilizes for peace of mind during any camping adventure. 

A Motorhome for Every Adventure

The durable construction for the Dynamax Super C motorhome has become the talk of the RV world. Innovative engineers who are passionate about the RV lifestyle work tirelessly in state-of-the-art facilities to design and create facets that make the most out of every comfort and “traditional” home feature desired. The unique engineering process that the Dynamax Class C motorhome undergoes has resulted in a product that has stood the test of time for decades. 

At Berryland Campers, we’ve found Dynamax owners have come to adore the innovative and user-friendly products that come as a result of their valued input toward Dynamax’s design process. Dynamax has been so successful as a company because it has taken it upon itself to keep pace with the unique and complex demands of modern RV life. With the ever-evolving world of RVing at the forefront of affordable living for an increasing spectrum of the American population, there is nothing that Dynamax enjoys more than facilitating the next generation of RV owners with the products and services they require to live life to the fullest! 

After several years servicing the motorhome world, Berryland Campers has discovered multiple common themes for those who take an interest in the Dynamax Super C RVs we have for sale. First, they appreciate that Class C RVs tend to have a lower price point than a Class A or Class B equivalent. Although towable campers can be cheaper than a Class C RV, Class C will be able to provide its own driving power while still allowing for a good combo of the features found in Class A and Class B RVs. If you’re not looking to invest in a vehicle to tow a camper but still want the luxuries, then one of the Super C motorhomes might be just what you require.

Second, a Class C is generally lighter in weight and smaller in size than a Class A motorhome. However, Class C motorhomes like the Dynamax Super C options will also be far roomier on the inside than a Class B camper van. For instance, the Dynamax Super C motorhomes carried by Berryland Campers come with a full bathroom, multiple sleeping quarters, generous storage tanks for clean water and gray water, a full kitchen for the chef at heart, and a dining area for the whole family to enjoy every meal on the road. Combined with the modern entertainment centers at the rear of the cockpit or in the dedicated living area will keep the crew happy when the great outdoors might not be on the menu for the day. 

Third, the maintenance on a Class C RV can be performed easier due to the fact that its frame is built on a van/truck chassis, and it is far cheaper to operate the various utilities thanks to the modest size of the living space compared to a Class A motorhomes. Since the living space is designed to be directly behind the driving area, that means the RV still has the usual engine bay of a non-RV truck or van. This space is familiar and simple to work with, and therefore even the layman owner is able to learn and perform acts of basic RV maintenance during emergency situations. Although the RV’s overall size requires more complex maintenance to be done in a specialized garage, there will be more utilitarian options available than for a Class A RV. The functions of heating and cooling are also easier on the relative components because a Class C motorhome has less air are required to change the temperature, further reducing the overall cost of ownership over time. 

Does the Dynamax Super C motorhome sound like the ideal RV for you? Come on over to Berryland Campers, where our team of RV enthusiasts and experts can assist you in finding the ideal layout for your adventures across America!