New Regency Rv Class C Motorhomes

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new 2024 Sunseeker Le 2150SLE
Stock #: N205302
Status: Available
Length: 25ft 0in
Mileage: 1137 mi
Our Price$74,990
new 2024 Freelander 22XGC3500
Stock #: NN016275
Status: Available
Length: 24ft 9in
Mileage: 1069 mi
Our Price$79,999
BRAND NEW! new 2023 Sunseeker Le 2550DSLE
Stock #: ND38652
Status: Available
Length: 29ft 4in
Our Price$78,000
new 2024 Entrada 2600DS
Stock #: ND24505
Status: Available
Length: 29ft 6in
Our Price$84,500

Regency RV Class C Motorhomes for Sale

Founded on top of four decades of hand-crafted RV artisanship, Regency Class C Motorhomes for sale today take pride in their roots of being designed by the legendary Wayne Davis. Larger than a Class B, the Regency Class C RV is geared to carry the whole clan to your next adventure! 

What Are the Benefits of A Regency Class C Motorhome?

With the number of customization options of a Regency Class C motorhome, the journey becomes the destination. Modern eating spaces and cooking options will have everyone satisfied and provide the storage needed to save some delicious leftovers. Segregated driving areas keep a boundary of travel vs. home without totally severing the connections of access.

Regency Class C motorhomes for sale start at a lower price point than either a Class A or Class B would. They can also tow a toy or two behind, allowing for an additional vehicle for traveling quickly around the areas that you’re visiting without having to drive the full RV. 

Generous sleeping spaces can be arranged for everyone to enjoy the RV life in style; Wayne Davis took pride in making sure that people didn’t feel “boxed in” with his original designs, and they’ve been evolving ever since. 

Are there Restrictions with Regency Class C Motorhomes?

Although they may have an edge against their larger Class A counterparts in fuel efficiency, Class C Regency RVs are more prone to being jostled by heavy winds on the road. They also have less storage space available underneath. They will also not fit into smaller parking areas or softer lots like a Class B Regency RV would otherwise be able to.  

Regency Class C motorhomes for sale at Berryland Campers are road-ready from the moment you sign the paperwork. Ever-ready to handle any party on the road from sunrise to sunset, you’ll be making memories and sharing stories with fellow travelers surrounded by those who matter most in your life. If you’re ready to go traveling in style, contact our expert motorhome staff today to see our inventory!