New Regency Rv Class B Motorhomes

Regency Class B Motorhomes for Sale

Founded by the famous Wayne Davis in 2014, Regency has benefited from Mr. Davis’ four decades of hand-made quality studies on the development of automotive vehicles. As expected, the compact Regency Class B Motorhomes for sale today all find their roots in his hands-on development process, which sets the company apart from the competition. 

What Are the Benefits of a Regency Class B Motorhome?

Regency has produced the first Class B+ luxury motorhome that utilizes the Mercedes-Benz platform as its base. It has since acquired the National Traveler motorhome brand, which focuses on Class B-style recreational vehicles built off of a Ram chassis. 

Regency Class B Motorhomes for sale blitz off the lot and into the hearts of those seeking a compact space with all of the luxuries of a stick-built home. Sinks, cabinets, sleeping arrangements, cooking quarters, and even the driving seats all benefit from the personalized touch of Wayne Davis. 

Thanks to the use of van chassis such as the Mercedes-Benz Sprinter models, any basic maintenance or repairs are able to be accomplished by mechanics who have the experience to work on the chassis. Founded by automotive lovers, Class B Regency RVs can be driven everywhere for errand running thanks to their smaller size. With larger motorhomes such as a Class A or Class C, you might need to tow a smaller vehicle with you in case you want to tour the area you’re staying in without driving around a larger RV. 

Are There Drawbacks to a Regency Class B Motorhome?

Despite all of the utility that comes with a sleek Class B recreational vehicle, there’s only so much that can be done with the compact space. Smaller floorplans mean that you want to be careful not to travel with too much unless you like sleeping on boxes. However, it is possible to use a travel trailer of sorts for storage in lieu of towing another vehicle or powersport toy. 

Regency Class B Motorhomes for sale at Berryland Campers have an assortment of layouts and styles sure to suit even the most discerning RV enthusiast. If you’re interested in touring with style, reach out to one of our motorhome experts today to schedule a tour!