New Fleetwood Class B Motorhomes


We know you’re going to spend a lot of time in your Fleetwood RV making memories. So we spent a lot of time figuring out how to make the best motorhome possible–and it all starts with construction innovation.

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Fleetwood Class B Motorhomes for Sale

Fleetwood, known for being a top-tier manufacturer of RVs throughout the camping world, has made itself into a legacy brand. Fleetwood Class B motorhomes for sale today illustrate the company’s dedication to the high quality of their products and continue to innovate in the RV world while still keeping that familiar Fleetwood charm. 

The Benefits of a Fleetwood Class B Motorhome

Fleetwood Class B motorhomes for sale are more modestly sized compared to Class A or Class C RVs and therefore find themselves more versatile at parking, travel, and fuel efficiency. Class B Fleetwood RVs focus on pairing down superfluous and redundant space in order to take advantage of a smaller chassis. 

Not only are Class B motorhomes convenient for smaller numbers of travelers, but they will be more familiar to drive for the average motorist compared to towed trailers or long-lengthed Class A RVs. Their almost van-like size and build also mean that there are generally more garages that are able to accommodate repairs and maintenance needs, unlike larger motorhomes that require more specialized and heavy-duty equipment just to access underneath. 

Things to Consider When Purchasing A Fleetwood Class B Motorhome

Fleetwood continues to innovate year after year in the RV world thanks to its ability to listen to the feedback of consumers. Although maximizing storage capacity is always a priority in a camper, Class B RVs will have less room overall. This means either taking less gear or fewer people as sleeping accommodations will also get tight quickly. 

A smaller motorhome means smaller fresh and gray water tanks, translating to more top-offs and emptyings to make sure that everything is properly refilled or disposed of. For campers interested in longer boondocking sessions, this would be something important to consider when deciding on which size of RV would be their best choice. 

Fleetwood Class B motorhomes for sale at Berryland Campers have an impressive assortment of floorplans, storage options, and driving utilities to make your next adventure on the road something truly special. If you’re looking for the perfect RV shopping experience, come on down to our large lot today and have a stress-free, no-pressure tour with the help of our professional staff.