New Dynamax Class B Motorhomes


Recently purchased by Forest River, Dynamax has been a leader in high-end, automotive-style class C motorhomes since 1997. In addition to the class C motorhomes, Dynamax has recently introduced the new Trilogy luxury fifth wheel. Using the same advanced technology the Trilogy offers Dynamax's trademark radius curved sidewalls. We are at Berryland are proud to offer the new Dynamax Trilogy.

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New Class B Motorhomes for Sale

Thinking of buying a motorhome for future trips, but don't want a big RV? Berryland Campers has the right size motorhome for couples or small families. The Class B motorhome is about 21-24 feet long and can sleep two people. It's perfect for those who want a smaller RV but still want all the features of a Class A motorhome

These streamlined and fuel-efficient RVs can get anywhere from 10-25mpg. Class B motorhomes are small and perfect for narrow roads and busy streets. They are easy to park, turn around, and can usually fit inside a garage for safe storage. In addition to their convenient size, they also come with a hitch for pulling trailers. 

Traveling long distances in a car can make you tired and irritable. It also takes longer because you have to stop more for food and restrooms. If you have children with you, the stops will be even longer because they need to stretch their legs. 

The Class B motorhome is small and easy to handle, but big enough for you to move around. It has space to stretch your legs, a full kitchen, and a bathroom with a shower. Even better, Class B motorhomes also come with an entertainment center. 

Don't waste any more time thinking about your travel plans. Call Berryland Campers today to see our Class B motorhomes and start your journey!