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Coachmen Class A Gas Motorhome for Sale

Coachmen Recreational Vehicles have been cruising highways across the United States since 1964. Dedicated to cultivating the ultimate RVing experience, Coachmen RVs seeks to inspire long-term value of ownership and make happy memories all across the country. Backed by a superior service department, Coachmen is committed to protecting the rich history of their product offerings and the quality of their brand. Looking into the future, Coachmen investigates innovative RVing enhancements to remain cutting-edge in the industry that others can only hope to imitate. Over the last 57 years, Coachmen feels as though their principles and goals stay locked in the middle of their crosshairs to this day. 

When someone buys a Coachmen Class A Gas Motorhome, for instance, they become a part of Team Coachmen and an ever-growing family and network of satisfied RVers. With over 700,000 RVs sold over five decades of business, practical design married with ingenious steps forward has become the calling card of the Coachmen brand. Coachmen knows how to design and manufacture an RV worth exceptional value, both material and immaterial.

A Motorhome for Every Adventure

The company believes that what separates a good product from a great product boils down to the ongoing connections and communications with owners over the span of their adventures in the Great Outdoors. Therefore, Coachmen challenges itself as a brand to always take the criticisms and recommendations from their customers seriously so as to always be at the forefront of service and innovations. It’s no coincidence that with a work ethic like that, Coachmen finds its headquarters based in the middle of Amish country! 

The Class A RVs that Coachmen offer are of particular merit for those seeking to expand into an RV that suits the size of their traveling family. Class A RVs, in particular, are known for their spacious offerings, and if that sounds like something you’ll be needing for your travels, then the Coachmen Class A Gas RV options from Berryland Campers are right up your alley! Our Class A gas motorhomes will allow you to travel stress-free thanks to the ample, built-in spaces. Typically, a Class A RV from Coachmen can be anywhere between 24 to 40 feet long. This generous body will deliver a full kitchen, roomy bathroom, and sprawling sleeping quarters.

Coachmen Class A gas motorhomes have the advantage of automatic leveling. This is important because most Class C motorhomes ride too close to the ground to come equipped with auto levelers, and the jacks would occupy too much space below the coach. The lack of clearance would make driving the RV much more challenging; owners of Class A motorhomes frequently find themselves in love with such an offering as it makes the most cumbersome aspects of parking a breeze.  

Class A motorhomes, particularly the Coachmen brand, are also known for their generous seating areas, including upfront in the driving seat. Although frequently overlooked, keep the image in mind: Class C RVs have driving areas resembling that of a truck despite having a living space typically as wide as a Class A RV. Not only will driving a Class A motorhome feel more “relaxed,” owners have reported the benefits of “road awareness” that such a shape allows them to feel during travel.

Storage is a Must for this Class A Gas Motorhome

Are you concerned about storing all of the gear and goods carried by your traveling family or companions? You don’t even need to think twice about it, thanks to the luxuriously-large underbelly of the Coachmen Class A gas motorhomes. Since the Class C motorhomes, more often than not, don’t have enclosed pipes, there is also a greater risk of freezing around the dump valves. For those who plan on traversing multiple climates, especially those who intend to live in a motorhome full-time, Class A motorhomes are often the ideal option. 

Need help convincing your house-bound significant other to take the RV plunge? A Coachmen Class A gas motorhome will make the transition much easier because of the amenities they’ve come to rely on. A full kitchen with stove and microwave is typical with a Class A RV, and you’ll often have options for spacious group eating areas as well. Bathrooms will typically not be “wet,” meaning that the water of the shower won’t also spray over the toilet during cleanup. Finally, a Class A motorhome can be easily equipped with a washer and dryer. No need to worry about using unhygienic public facilities or breaking out a laundry bucket. With the generous variety of RVs offered by Berryland Campers, you’re guaranteed to always have that feeling of being “at home” even when on the road!

Benefits of Coachmen Class A gas Motorhome

The benefits of selecting a Coachmen Class A gas motorhome over a Class A diesel motorhome are also numerous. For starters, a Class A gas RV will cost much less than its equivalent with a diesel, and it will be much easier to find areas to fill up. It’s supremely satisfying to be able to pull up to the cheapest pump in town and refuel without needing to worry about hunting down inexpensive diesel.

Parts and labor for a Class A gas RV are also much less expensive or difficult to find. The abundance of RV service locations able to perform repairs or basic maintenance on a Coachman gas RV significantly overshadow those who also have the specialization to service diesel. 

Finally, gas RVs are more tolerant of weather conditions that a diesel motorhome might balk at. Cruising through winter wonderlands comes with less of a headache with a gas engine RV, and scaling mountainous roads at high altitudes won’t present as many difficulties either. 

As would be expected, the ideal Coachmen motorhome for you will be based on how you and your traveling companions plan on using it. The RV specialists at Berryland Campers are here and ready to help you start your journey; contact us today to schedule a safe and informative tour of a curated RV selection that will best sate your wanderlust!