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Thor Motor Coach's diverse product lineup includes many of the world's most recognized gas and diesel-powered Class A and Class C motorhomes, including the Four Winds, Challenger, Chateau, ACE, and Tuscany models. As the industry leader in innovative design, Thor Motor Coach builds a variety of unique styles, sizes, and floor plans that feel custom-made – at a truly competitive price.

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2023 ON SALE new 2023 Palazzo 33.5
Stock #: NUB9474
Status: Available
Length: 35ft 0in
Our Price$184,990
new 2023 Palazzo 37.4
Stock #: NUD7697
Status: Available
Length: 39ft 0in
Our Price$207,880
new 2023 Aria 4000
Stock #: NUE6368
Status: Available
Length: 41ft 0in
Mileage: 1000 mi
Our Price$254,990

Thor Motor Coach Class A Diesel for Sale

Thor Motor Coaches pull out all of the stops with the Class A Diesel Motorhomes for sale at Berryland Campers! Heads will swivel when you pull into camp to level out the stylish RV that’s matched perfectly for you and your family’s needs. 

What is a Class A Diesel Motorhome?

A Class A recreational vehicle has the engine located at the back end of the vehicle. This is what makes the difference between a “pusher” motorhome and a “puller” motorhome: engine at front = puller, engine in the rear = pusher. As of now, all Thor Class A motor coaches that utilize diesel fuel are pusher-style motorhomes. 

The Benefits of a Thor Class A Diesel Motor Coach

Far from your typical Class A motorhome, diesel pushers are fit for the Viking gods themselves! Sized to be the most awe-provoking on the road and at the campsite, their robust foundations and luxurious living areas give more storage and recreational space than the halls of Valhalla. 

Thor Motorhomes for sale today come in four models: 

For those looking for their “longboat on land,” venture no further than the master bedroom and bathroom housed under the solid ceiling of the Thor Class A. Custom seating areas flank each side of the motorhome, and the gas fireplace options give a touch of old-world charm in the middle of modern glamping paradise.

Things to Consider When Buying a Thor Class A Diesel Motorhome

Diesel is unique in the recreational vehicle market in that they are more expensive up-front than gas motorhomes and are more challenging to service. Commercial-grade parts, reminiscent of semi-trucks, require special garages that are able to service these mighty behemoths safely and with the proper equipment to guarantee Thor’s legendary road performance. 

Driving is very comfortable in a Thor Class A motorhome thanks to the air suspension, but the lengths ranging between 34 and 45 feet will present a challenge for those looking at campgrounds and RV parks with only small spaces typically available. 

Having a hard time deciding between all of the amazing Thor Class A Motor Coaches for sale? Don’t feel as if you’re adrift alone in the Atlantic; reach out to the pros at Berryland Campers today to get the whole family prepared for the Class A RV adventures of your dreams!