New Newmar Class A Diesel Motorhomes


At Newmar, we believe that a motor coach is more than just a vehicle, it’s a passport to countless hours of fun and lifelong memories taken from quality time spent with family and friends.

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Newmar Class A Diesel Motorhomes

Whether you are looking to join the RV lifestyle or a longtime RV camper, Berryland Campers offers customers a wide variety of Class A diesel motorhomes. One of our best diesel campers is the Newmar Class A motorhomes. Newmar believes that their motorhomes are more than just a vehicle. They are a home that provides you with fun and memories to last you a lifetime. With 50 years of experience in building motorhomes, Newmar created a Class A diesel motorhome that allows people to travel and live all over the world. 

At Berryland Campers, we make sure your travels are comfortable and convenient. Our Newmar Class A diesel motorhomes are the largest available, giving you the most home-like camping experience. These diesel motorhomes, ranging from 21-45 feet, come with all the amenities you need for long-term camping. The Newmar RVs provide you with a full kitchen and bathroom, as well as a large living area. No need to waste time on the road looking for pitstops for the children. With its large size, our diesel motorhomes allow you to travel in large groups, have plenty of room to spread out, and pack all your camping necessities. With the Class A diesel motorhome, everyone will have room to stretch out and relax while on the road. 

Newmar Class A diesel motorhomes could potentially save you fuel costs since the higher energy value makes these RVs the best choice when traveling for long distances. You will have viewer fuel stops so that you can get to your destinations in record time. 

Don't wait to start your next adventure! Call Berryland Campers today to see our Newmar Class A diesel motorhomes. We will help you find the right motorhome for your family's needs.