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Berryland Campers Testimonials


To: Berryland Campers 

I am not sure if you remember me but you were most gracious in aiding me in getting out of my Georgie Boy and into my Itasca Meridian several months back. I felt compelled to send a letter to Winnebago Industries (enclosed), and to you, to express my gratitude. I would also like to compliment you on your operations and staff. 

I am in the service industry in the business that I own and can honestly say that the package that is marketed at Berryland is and should be a benchmark of standard for any service based operation. I must compliment you on your sales force and service department. I am not taking anything away from the men and women sales, however the folks in service, the ones who have to deal with us when we aren't always happy, are unbelievable. These folks are courteous, clam, always helpful and constantly genuine in there attempt to correct all that is within their power. 

I have bragged on your operation and product line (Winnebago and Forest River) to as many people who will listen. I just wanted to again say thank you and to let you know that as long as I own an RV it will come from Berryland. Thanks again and if I can ever do anything to help you folks out please don't hesitate to call on me. 
Thank you, 
J. R. 

<Copy of Letter to Winnebago Industries>

To: Winnebago Industries, Inc. 

I would first like to compliment you on your product and the quality, and apparent effort in workmanship that goes into building a Winnebago. I purchased an Itasca 
Meridian last fall, and wanted to compliment you on the fact that the unit has done everything that I had expected. 

I would be negligent however, if I did not bring to your attention something that I am sure you are already quite aware of, and that is your dealer, that in my opinion is second to none. I purchased my unit from Berryland Campers in Ponchatoula, Louisiana and will, and have recommended both Winnebago and Berryland to many people. I would like to go one step further and compliment the professional environment, and staff at Berryland. Apparently Mike Fulmer has created an outstanding work environment that seems to make people want to be there. Berryland is a warm, family style environment that goes hand in hand with the RV lifestyle. I will never shop anywhere else! 

Finally, if I may take a moment more of your time, I would like to single out a gentleman at Berryland that does more for that operation, in my opinion, than I am sure many people realize. His demeanor, professionalism, product knowledge and always positive attitude has made him a special asset to me, my family, Berryland, and ultimately Winnebago. Dustin Wilson went so far as to offer his personal cell phone number to me if I ever have an issue with my coach, which since I have owned a "Bago" I can say I have not had to use. This kind of commitment to his company and product is not often seen in today's world. I rely on his guidance, expertise and direction and it is thankfully because of him that I am a proud owner of your product. I am in the service industry and Berryland has is the best in the industry across the board. 

Thank you for your time in reading this letter and I also thank you for putting a great product in the qualified hands of a GREAT DEALERSHIP! 



We just got back home from our maiden voyage in our RV, What a great time!!! We want to thank you for helping make it all possible. We took a big chance buying an RV on E-Bay sight unseen but you were great and delivered everything as promised. You did a great job of co-coordinating the sale and helping us iron out delivery form Louisiana to Ohio. Everything went smoothly. We took our first adventure at Tappen Lake which is about an hour away from home. The RV ran great and all the children had a good time on the drive, even the wild 2-year old. We quickly set up camp and started to enjoy ourselves. Easy to do with all the luxuries of home!! Everything worked perfectly, we used it all - fridge, stove, TV, shower, heat, and A/C. The 3-year old says we need a boat to go with it now!! She has discovered that she's a pretty good fisher person (her first fish was a 12" catfish that she caught on her Barbie fishing pole!). Our 9-year old son had such a good time he didn't touch a video game all weekend! We are already planning our next adventure. We highly recommend Bemyland Campers. Hopefully we'll drive down to see you when it’s time for our next RV purchase. If we can't make it in person we will have no problem buying from you sight unseen again!!! We are hooked on camping! Remember, I'm the one who said, "I don't Camp". Thanks Berryland,  Thanks Rick! ! ! 
Keep up the good work!
C & B
Bridgeport, Ohio
P.S. Tklank you also for the nice gift basket and the delicious Strawberries!


We just wanted you to know how much we have enjoyed buying our new 2007
Tioga motor home from Berryland Campers.
Everyone from sales to service and parts have been a real pleasure to work with.
Berryland Campers was recommended to us by a friend in Mobile, Alabama and we sure are happy with the way we have been treated. Rick Kelly was very professional on handling our deal and we especially want to thank Ronnie Sims our salesman.
Ronnie Sims is by far the most knowledgeable and helpful salesperson we have
ever met and this is our fourth motor home buying experience. If all your salespeople are as good as "Ronnie" you're going to have a lot of sales and a lot of very happy customers.
The culture of any organization starts at the top and we thank you Mr. Ferrera for
a really wonderful buying experience. We will be proud to recommend Berry Land
Campers to all our RV and Square Dancing friends.
M and E
Mobile, Alabama


I am writing to you to express my appreciation and admiration for the work done for me recently by your service department. In particular, I was so impressed with Lloyd and Ruth. I had some contact also with Earl and he too could hardly have been nicer or more helpful.
My trouble began with a tire blowout on the interstate in my Cardinal 5fh wheel last May. There was damage done to the wheel well area. I initially contacted Berryland, but they were swamped and could not fit me in. So I went west on 1-12 to your competitor. They did an estimate for me and I asked them to order the parts and call me ,when they arrived to schedule the work. To make a long story short, they jerked me around until early this year when I demanded my money back for the estimate.
Then I re-contacted Berryland. Earl set up an appointment for March 8. In later contacts with Ruth, I was told that Berryland keeps in stock the sheeting material to repair my damage. But I was still not prepared for what awaited me. When I arrived on March 8, both Ruth and Lloyd were there with a friendly welcome. Lloyd immediately went with me to see the damage.
Much to my surprise, he told me he could have the repairs done in a day!! This was important to me because the RV is my home at work in Galliano. This would save me the trouble of a return trip for the repairs. But more than the promptness, I so much appreciated the friendly , helpful, professional manner in which I was treated. Ruth, Lloyd, and Earl went out of their way to answer my miscellaneous questions and provide welcome advice. I pretty much felt like family. I had contact with others in your service department and the attitude seems pervasive. 1 couldn't be happier with my experience. The work was finished as advertised and looks wonderful, in addition to a few extra touchup jobs. In my opinion, you have every reason to be proud of these people. They are truly a credit to your organization.
G. E.
Hammond, Louisiana


I think Christian took care of everything I needed. We made a deal on the Sandpiper yesterday. He was awesome with helping me and my wife purchase the unit. And yes by far yall have the most competitive prices I could find anywhere followed up by excellent customer service. Thanks


I was contacted by Blake who made my shopping experience with Berryland Campers pleasurable and exciting as always. Blake has been very helpful in providing me with the information requested on the unit I was inquiring about. In fact Blake’s professional mannerism and the undivided attention he has shown me, has led me to purchase the unit I was interested in sight unseen. I would like to express my appreciation to Blake and the Berryland team for making my online RV shopping experience enjoyable.


Dear Mr. Fulmer, 

My wife and I would like to let you know how much we appreciate all of the folks at Berryland Campers. In May of 2006, we happened to be passing by your RV sales place at Exit 42, I-12, and since we had been looking for a motorhome for over a year decided to stop in and look around. What a fortuitous decision on our part. Not only did we find just the uint that we were looking for, but we met Ronnie Sims from your motorhome sales department. Ronnie showed us all of the features of the unit we liked, insisted that we look at several other units as well, just to be sure that we were on the right track and then gave us a price on a new 2006 Fleetwood Excursion. 

Now my definition of the perfect deal is when both sides are happy with the outcome. We were very pleased with the price quoted and when we accepted it, it was evident that Ronnie was pleased with our acceptance. Ronnie then went out of his way to see that we were provided with his choice for the best technician to conduct our walkthrough and insure that the coach was in top working order when we picked it up. 

It has now been 8 years since that purchase and we are as pleased today as we were then. Not only did we find the perfect unit for us, but we found the perfect organization to insure that it is kept in top operating condition. Many organizations have great sale staffs and offer outstanding prices but falter when it comes to service after the sale. Berryland delivers on both counts! 

Your service staff has never failed to deliver for us. Regardless of the circumstances (short timeframe or long range reservation) they have always come through for us. Chad and CC have always been available to us and have consistently insured that we get the very best that your service department has to offer. Dustin and Tim are both top-notch technicians. No one else has ever touched our coach, and, it shows. They consistently exceed our expectations when working on our motorhome and always take the time to explain exactly what was done and, if possible, how to avoid it in the future. 

In this day and age, it is not often that we find an organization that excels at both sales and service. We consider ourselves very lucky to have found one in Berryland Campers. While we would love to never have the need for your service department again, we are fully aware that that is a hollow dream. However, we do take solace in the knowledge that you, and your organization, are there when needed. 

Sincerely, Tom and Bunky


With the help of their salesman Neil and our Berryland team, Laurie and TJ's decision on where to buy their new camper upgrade was easy. Thanks for making the trip from Natchez, MS to join the Berryland family!


The Johnson family took delivery on their new 15 Cherokee 29VT with their two younger campers in tow! Their salesman Louis helped them find a perfect and more spacious upgrade for their family adventures.


Congratulations from salesman Luke and the BLC crew to the Ballow and Savage family on their recent purchases! We hope you guys have many laughs and great memories made in your new Flagstaff and Columbus.


Jonathan and Pham, along with their Godchild, were happy campers signing their paperwork with Finance Manager Mark. I think they were even happier when they received their gift basket and gift card to Berryland's parts department. Berryland Campers is all about family and helping your family make memories that last forever, just ask these guys!


Meet some of our awesome customers. They have been part of the Berryland family for nearly 10 years. Druby and Becky have bought 5 campers and 3 trucks from Berryland Campers and Motors. Through the years their children have grown to love and trust the Berryland name. Two of their sons have bought 2 trucks each from Berryland Motors. Jonathan Guy and Tam Pham have purchased their first camper from Berryland Campers!