New East To West Class C Motorhomes

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Class C Motorhomes For Sale

Berryland Campers provides customers with a selection of Class C motorhomes. These small motorhomes are a great option for people who want something smaller but still luxurious like big motorhomes. 

Class C motorhomes are built on a van or truck chassis. As a result, the front end of these motorhomes resembles that of a van or pickup truck. They vary in length from 20 to 28 feet and stand approximately 10 feet tall. Class C motorhomes come equipped with the following: 

  • a full kitchen area
  • storage tanks for water and waste 
  • a dining area 
  • a full bathroom 
  • cupboards and storage compartments
  • several sleeping areas

Class C motorhomes have entertainment centers located behind the cockpit or near the living area. Family travel no longer needs to be exhausting or filled with tension. Your pit stops will be quick and easy. 

The Class C motorhomes for sale at Berryland Campers are sure to fit all your travel needs. Our RVs are ideal for couples or groups of four, providing all the necessary amenities in a small and manageable camper. Call Berryland Campers today to tour our Class C motorhomes so that you can start your next adventure in comfort! And be sure to check out our used Class C motorhomes for sale too!